[sldev] Subversion RFP posted

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Mon Feb 5 01:10:51 PST 2007

Hi folks,

I've posted an RFP for hosting an official Subversion repository here:

There's a handful of parties we're already talking to, but I figured it
makes sense to open it up.


    * High capacity, high availability anonymous read access, with
      corresponding SLA
    * Direct user management by Linden Lab (self-service
      add/remove/disable accounts)
    * Self-service password changing for all individual account holders
    * Minimum 40GB capacity
    * Ability to completely delete rogue revisions within one business

    * Nightly backups
    * Real-time read access to all raw Subversion data files via
      ssh/sftp or other secure

Additional desirable features:

    * Integration with outside authentication system, either Kerberos or
      custom XML-RPC based system.
          o If relying on external authentication, user management still
            needed to provide authorization management

Proposals being accepted through February 9, 2007.  Please send them to me.


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