[sldev] license for static content

Tom 'spot' Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Tue Feb 6 11:44:48 PST 2007

Hi Second Life Developers,

With the open sourcing of the slviewer code, there is a lot of interest
in packaging the bits up for Fedora. However, we've run into a minor

The slviewer seems to need the static_index.db2 and static_data.db2
files in order to do anything useful. What is the license on these data
files? Are they freely redistributable?

If we can't freely include and redistribute these data files (at a bare
minimum, it would be nice to freely be able to edit these data files as
well, but not required), then we can't really include slviewer in

This was originally raised here:


Thanks in advance,

Tom "spot" Callaway
aka Snake Plisskin

Fedora/Red Hat

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