[sldev] license for static content

Jason Giglio gigstaggart at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 19:10:51 PST 2007

John Hurliman wrote:
 > http://secondlife.com/corporate/trademark/distribution.php says:
 > "Those taking full advantage of the open-source elements of Linden's
 > products and making significant functional changes may not redistribute
 > the fruits of their labor under any Linden trademark."
 > Further up the page it says that distribution of unaltered binaries
 > (including Linden trademarks) is fine. So from my understanding, Fedora
 > redistributing the static content along with viewer source code and/or a
 > compiled viewer is fine, but opensecondlife.org redistributing the
 > static content along with their modified viewer is infringing.

Red Hat often patches versions they distribute.  It is likely they can't 
distribute a version with trademarks either.

That really doesn't even address whether the static cache that doesn't 
contain trademarks can be distributed or not.  There's tons of assets 
there that are not trademark material.

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