[sldev] Plugin API Architecture for Second Life

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Mon Feb 12 18:37:23 PST 2007

Actually, as I've said on #opensl, and I'll repeat here, I'd prefer that
we have a conversation about it on this mailing list, and document what
we discuss on wiki.secondlife.com.

There's a great document that's been started on the wiki:

I guess the original authors are too shy to post that link here, so I'm
posting it now.

My feedback is that we should probably come up with something relatively
simple (ala early browser plugin models).  Have basic hooks, and a way
for end users to discover what plugins are running via simple dialog.
Even better (but not mandatory in version 1.0), have a way to
enable/disable plugins via user interface.  The easier this thing is for
Linden Lab to support (via telephone, with a very non-technical
resident), the more likely we are to incorporate it in the main source code.


On 2/12/07 5:40 PM, Jesse Nesbitt wrote:
> bushing has been doing some work in the opensecondlife.org svn towards
> those ends. Pop in to #opensl on EFnet.
> On 2/12/07, Tim Shephard <tshephard at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I was wondering .. briefly, how do you invision a plugin / api /
>> architecture will work for SecondLife?
>> Cheers,
>> Tim.
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