[sldev] jinclude.h ?

David Fries david at fries.net
Thu Feb 15 20:06:06 PST 2007

Thanks for the response, submitted a patch in VWR-130
'llimagejpeg.h remove jinclude.h'
to remove the header reference.

On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 05:00:11AM -0000, Peekay Semyorka wrote:
> jinclude.h is from the IJG libjpeg distribution (www.ijg.org) from which
> the Debian package was derived from.
> The file is only needed when compiling the original distribution, and can
> be safely removed from SL if desired. It defines a few compatibility
> macros, none of which used by the viewer.
> -peekay
> > llimagejpeg.h includes jinclude.h
> > Where does jinclude.h come from?  Debian doesn't list the file in
> > their packages, and the source compiles just fine without it.
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