[sldev] Avatar list ready for testing!

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Mon Feb 19 01:31:39 PST 2007

D'oh, pressed wrong button. Sending to list:

В сообщении от 19 февраля 2007 07:34 вы написали:
> Looking cool so far.
> What is the colom on the most left used for, with the blue boxes, and what
> are luskwood commands and how are they usefull to the rest of the grid?

Activity. The idea is to indicate what's the avatar currently doing. So far I 
* Avatar just appeared
* Avatar left (kept in list for a while)
* Moving
* Playing a sound

Will add:
* Generating particles
* Rezzing objects

> are luskwood commands and how are they usefull to the rest of the grid?
Commands to interface with the Luskwood "gohomer" which allows people on the 
list to eject/temp ban/etc annoying people without having the land 
privileges. The point of having it there is making things easier for those 
people, as typing bizarre names during a coordinated attach at 2 FPS can be 
quite inconvenient.

Not really useful for the rest of the grid, and it's there because I'm one of 
the people on the list :-) Longer term, this will probably not be normally 
visible, and have to be enabled somewhere.

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