[sldev] ELFIO usage?

Phoenix phoenix at secondlife.com
Mon Feb 19 08:36:39 PST 2007

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We turn off the crash reporter hook in the open source deploy in  
viewer.cpp by defining LL_SEND_CRASH_REPORTS as 0 in indra/newview/ 
viewer.cpp during the source deploy.

If you have patches to reduce library dependencies based on  
conditional compilation or runtime choices, I can integrate that into  
our source deploy process. Our source deploy process has a simple  
packaging language to grep and sed the source to set these sorts of  

On Feb 16, 2007, at 8:26 PM, Callum Lerwick wrote:
> I am working on packaging slviewer for Fedora. There are a few library
> requirements we don't already have packaged. ELFIO is one of them.
> Looking through the source, it appears ELFIO is used to produce
> backtraces that are supposedly better than standard glibc.
> Presumably this is mainly useful for the crash reporter. Which  
> leads to
> another question, should a downstream client build even have the crash
> reporter enabled? Does Linden Lab want to be receiving crash reports
> from a non-stock Fedora build? Conversely, does Fedora want to be
> sending crash reports to Linden Lab? (At the moment, the crash  
> reporter
> is not being packaged.)
> I'm inclined to just not build in ELFIO usage, and save us a library
> dep. Comments?
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