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Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Wed Feb 21 16:27:03 PST 2007

В сообщении от 22 февраля 2007 00:24 Mike Monkowski написал(a):
> If the goal is to be able to write routines that do not need to be
> compiled into the code base, then it should probably be done by
> expanding the functionality of LSL scripts.
LSL scripts will never be able to do some things. Like for example changing 
how rendering works. Or integrating things like text to speech and voip.

> So what is the reason for having plugins anyway?

The reason is that OSS developers aren't a company set on one specific target 
with some sort of management dictating where to go. I want to work on my 
stuff, somebody else wants to work on something different. People are going 
to disagree about how something should be done.

Also, LL isn't going to integrate most of what people come up with, because 
it's not well written enough, outside the general scope, distasteful (guess 
what I'm hinting at here), or too weird to be generally integrated.

So, without plugins what we get is:

* SL official build
* Dale's build
* Opensecondlife build
* Opensecondlife with X patch
* Bob's tweaked client

and so on. Want my scanner? Run my client. Want voip? Run Bob's. Both at once? 
Well, if you can't code and somebody doesn't bother to make a client with 
both, you're out of luck. Not hard to imagine how that situation is less than 

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