[sldev] compile is ok, but i get error at startup

Adam W awolenc at nycap.rr.com
Fri Feb 23 16:18:59 PST 2007


My first guess is that you didn't get all the files you need.

If you get a latest release, such as (20070131a), everything is all in one
place (well, two places if you count the libraries).  But, if you move on to
one of the FL viewers, the files you need are broken up in several places on
this page



Make sure you have all four (or five) of the following: 




The Viewer (on of Windows (CRLF) OR  * Mac/Linux (LF))

(Sounds like you already have that)






Libs  (on of windows / mac / linux )



Texture files (will be included with source next release)



If you are on mac,    *  Mac OS X libcares libraries (will be included with
libraries next release)



When you  uncompress them, you'll notice that they are all have linden/
subfolders.  Consolidate them all in the same linden/ folder and voila, you
have a complete source code package.






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I think I'm being a bonehead - can someone help?


I am building "slviewer-src-FL-".  It builds ok.  When a start
the program, I get a dialogue a few seconds later:


"Second Life is unable to access a file that it needs.


This can be because you somehow have multiple copies running, or your system
incorrectly thinks a file is open.  If this message persists, restart your
computer and try again.  If it continues to persist, you may need to
complete uninstall Second Life and reinstall it." 


Thank for your help, in advance.



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