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Tim Shephard tshephard at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 20:20:08 PST 2007

Not sure what that means, but in case you're misunderstanding what I mean:

For those of us who can not afford to write code that doesn't get
merged in, we generally want to understand what will have a high
degree of probability of getting merged in before we start work.

So we ask certain questions to the those who can wave the merging
wand:  do the Linden's care about security?   Is performance
important?    Are they concerned about the instability that loaded
DLLs might cause on the client versus an embedded VM that mono could

If we do develop a plugin architecture for Linden Labs, will our code
be protected by copyright or will we have to open source that as well?
  Some of us have zero desire to work on a plugin architecture, have
it merged in, and only to find that we have to release all our plugin
code under GPL.

Perhaps they don't yet know exactly what they want to merge in, which
is why a dialogue of some sort might want to start up with the
decision makers on their side.

Like any complicated group endeavor in life, a certain amount of
forethought and dialogue between stakeholders is always a profitable
thing.   Getting some indications from a leadership level, the
decision makers, about what they probably want versus what they
probably do not want can only help the process.

That all being said - let me say again: if you have the spare time to
develop prototypes that may or may not get merged in, than I will be
first in line to support your work.

Heck, I might even send some L$ your way, if you give me your Second
Life account name.



On 2/23/07, Callum Lerwick <seg at haxxed.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 19:57 -0800, Tim Shephard wrote:
> > > Step ONE is write code (like Dale).
> >
> > If you think step one is write code, then write some code.   I really
> > don't think anyone is stopping you.
> >
> > However, no complaining when your code doesn't get merged in, you find
> > out the lindens had a completely different idea in mind about what
> > they want to see, and all your work goes to waste.
> Read, Comprehend, Post.
> In that order.
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