[sldev] Re: Plugin architecture

Ben Byer bbyer at mm.st
Fri Feb 23 20:26:19 PST 2007

On Feb 23, 2007, at 7:37 PM, Callum Lerwick wrote:

> The proper thing to do is bless, say, OpenSL as the de-facto non- 
> linden
> fork, and keep everything merged into the OpenSL tree as much as
> possible.

Who's doing the blessing here?  What does that even mean?

> I have no idea what the intentions of the OpenSL people are though,  
> and
> if they're up to being the Linus Torvalds of Second Life. They  
> might be,
> and they might not be. All I know is their web site currently doesn't
> tell me a damn thing about how OpenSL differs from mainline.

... OpenSL currently hosts the only publicly available SVN repo for  
SecondLife viewer code.  We have several other services available,  
feel free how to have a look around.

Maybe you're looking for a ChangeLog? http://opensecondlife.org/svn/ 

There are some notes about intent here: http://opensecondlife.org/ 

> God damn, this whole plugin thing is hilarious. Everyone's sitting
> around shooting their mouths off about hypotheticals, and no one is
> writing any code.

Thanks for the constructive input.

> Step ONE is write code (like Dale). Then you can worry about isolating


> it into a plugin once you know what API you need, then you can  
> generate
> bindings for Mono and Javascript and Lua and Python and Java and  
> Fortran
> and whatever the hell other crack you feel like smoking.
> Don't make me start smacking people with copies of "The Art of Unix
> Programming."

How about you start smacking people with some code, or at least take  
a slightly more helpful approach?

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