[sldev] Lip-sync; was: Plugin architecture

Mathew Frank mathew at lifeart.net.au
Fri Feb 23 20:27:04 PST 2007

I'm also interested in this. Lip-sync is the perfect voice complement - 
is this what you mean? Or are you talking about just an improvement in 
what facial expressions are avilable?


Mike Monkowski wrote:
> Phoenix wrote:
>> Just so everyone knows, we are already working on lip and gesture 
>> motions for the avatar. This is no promise of functionality or when 
>> it will be available, but it is in the pipeline and under active 
>> development.
> Could you clarify this a bit. It appears to me that the avatars 
> already have mouth morphs and gestures that can be synced to text 
> chat. Are you saying that you will sync these to live speech, 
> text-to-speech, recorded speech, or what?
> Mike
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