[sldev] Generic LSL->Client Comms

Jason Giglio gigstaggart at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 15:06:58 PST 2007

Soft Noel wrote:
> Gigs' proposal was for an attribute on the object. Presumably this is
> passed to the viewer when the object is first made known to the viewer.
> Accomplishing the same thing with regular communications would require an
> LSL script that scanned for people to tell, or would require the viewer to
> keep pinging a channel for compatible objects.

Yes, a better name for it might be generic extensible prim attribute 

This could even be used to implement something like full boolean CSG 
rendering.  There's nothing that says the tags must be set by LSL in the 
final implementation necessarily, though during the development it would 
be set from LSL using the generic function in my page.

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