[sldev] Re: Plugin architecture

alissa_sabre at yahoo.co.jp alissa_sabre at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Feb 24 22:49:06 PST 2007

I'm concerned with recent plugin/LSL discussion.

I don't want to see any script that requires some particular plugin
and/or non-standard Viewer feature.  I want all scripts to be able to
run on all official Viewer without any specific plugin.

Hence, I don't want to have any LSL extention that allows script
writer to access to some particular plugin and/or some particular
Viewer feature.

The key concern here is the interoperability between Viewers with
different sets of plugins.

Assume one in-world object, say XYZ necklace, has an embedded script,
and the script accesses the XYZ plugin's own feature.  What happens if
I wear the XYZ neckalce and walk around?

I'm afraid of the disruption of the SL users.

Plugin mechanism is OK, but I hope it doen't break interoperability
that we have today.


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