[sldev] Stereoscopic Viewer

Eric Maslowski emaslows at umich.edu
Mon Feb 26 11:25:00 PST 2007

Hello all,
  Some of you may have already heard that we have created a prototype for
stereoscopic viewing of SL. (http://um3d.dc.umich.edu/) We're looking at
building a version that is more robust, works with all visual features of
SL, is easily enabled/disabled, and is suitable for inclusion in the regular
SL distribution. I have several questions for the group here.

1) which distro should we be using? (SL, FL, OpenSL, etc.) We have an
interested 3rd party which is driving the stereo viewer's development and we
would like to create a version that would absolve us from updating our code
every time a new change is made to the linden source. Thus, allowing our 3rd
party and everyone else in the SL community to obtain it worry-free.

2) Is there anyone from Linden Labs (or otherwise) that we could contact for
specific questions about the rendering pipeline? We ran into some issues
with the 3D HUD showing properly for the second eye and may need some tips
and hints to speed up the debugging process.

3) I've read through the wiki about adding features, but was curious as to
what the turn around time is for code to make it into the standard

Thanks all


Eric Maslowski
Research Computer Specialist
University of Michigan 3D Lab

Autodesk 3D Studio Max Certified Trainer

email:  emaslows at umich.edu
office: 734-615-9699
mobile: 734-730-9904

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