[sldev] What are the active grids?

Joshua Bell josh at secondlife.com
Mon Feb 26 17:29:21 PST 2007

Dale Glass wrote:
> I've heard something about a grid being available for client testing, which I 
> think might be Uma (based on an earlier message), but I never managed to log 
> in there. First it wasn't available, now it says my version is too old (with 
> the latest firstlook version!)
> Could somebody provide a full list of grids and what they're for? The list on 
> the wiki seems incomplete.
Hey there - one of the hats I wear is grid management, so I guess I 
should jump in and answer.

We have a bunch of internal development grids, but here are the ones 
typically open for non-Linden access:

- the live, main, real grid
- runs the released code (by definition)
- frequently updated with rolling updates (which may or may not be 
visible to residents)
- often unavailable on Wednesday mornings (PST) for maintenance or updates
- thousands of hosts/regions
- try not to grief the grid. :)

- the beta test grid
- intended for getting public feedback on upcoming releases
- we may change what grid is used for a public beta test (it used to be 
siva, for example)
- often (but not always) runs server code which is incompatible with 
what's released - as code passes internal QA and merges into our release 
candidate branch we update this grid
- usually public, but we may close the doors if no compatible public 
viewers are available.
- may be down for updates at any time, although we try to keep the grid 
up and available when the main grid is down
- tens of hosts/regions

- open source grid
- intended for Open Source developers testing potentially dangerous 
client changes
- we haven't gotten into a habit of updating this frequently to track 
the Open Source code drops, but we need to - fortunately we have added 
Lindens in this area to help, so this should track the release code more 
- only a couple of hosts/handful of regions

Sorry about the state of Uma - we'll be updating it shortly after a 
quick consult with RobLa about what versions we want there.

Please let me know if you need any more details.


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