[sldev] Lip-sync

Mike Monkowski monkowsk at watson.ibm.com
Tue Feb 27 08:09:58 PST 2007

Mike Monkowski wrote:
>    I've just started looking at the audio parts of SecondLife, but I see 
> that it uses FMOD 3.7.4 for streaming audio, although I don't imagine 
> that includes voice.  It's not clear what's going on there. Will it be 
> converted to FMOD Ex 4? (see http://www.fmod.org/ )  Will it rely on 
> ViVox for voice? (see http://www.vivox.com/millionmins.html )

Well, I think I got my answer in a C|NET article today: 

Some excerpts:
> Next week, Second Life publisher Linden Lab plans to unveil a small beta trial in which,
 > for the first time, people will have access to integrated voice chat.
> The company plans to launch the beta for all users by the end of March, it said.

> "We've been working on this for quite a while," said Joe Miller, Linden Lab's vice
 > president of platform and technology development. "I think there was 
some skepticism
 > that we'd be putting something out this soon. It's been in the works 
for 8 to 10 months
 > in earnest. Voice has been viewed as a key missing piece to the 
overall solution."

> The technology is being provided by two Linden Lab partners: Vivox and DiamondWare.

So now my question is:  I've been looking at the SL releases.  Is this 
code in the First Look source release now?

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