[sldev] LSL initiated Prim metadata was Re: Plugin architecture

Jason Giglio gigstaggart at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 17:13:19 PST 2007

Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> Good so far. Making the data a list rather than a string (so you can 
> have an attribute similar to llParticleSystem without having to trust 
> the script properly encoding it) would be good, but not essential.

In case you weren't paying attention (and it appears you weren't), "the 
script" doesn't encode the data under my proposal, except during 
development.  After development is complete the new built-in LL-provided 
LSL functions might indeed take a list, which it will then convert into 
the proper string.

> To reduce network traffic, the sim wouldn't broadcast the attributes, it 
> would broadcast a list of attribute names, so the client could only 
> fetch the attributes it's interested in.
> Also:
> llGetAttributeKey(key id, string label)

Attributes would be prim specific under both proposals, not object 
specific.  This won't work.

> llSetAttributeKey(key id, string label, string data);
> For building tools, and to set attributes on avatars. Eg:
> change(integer what)
> {
>   if((what & CHANGED_LINK) && llGetAttached()) {
>     llSetAttributeKey(llGetOwner(),"extended-skeleton","centaur");
>     llSetAttribute("attach-point","hind-leg");
>   }
> }

Just keep piling on the crap.  Maybe when this proposal hits 1 million 
new lines of code required, you'll win some kind of award. KISS.

> llGetAttributeLink(integer link, string label)
> llSetAttributeLink(integer link, string label, string data)
> To head off the people who might otherwise create 300 prim wings with a 
> script in each prim.

Yes.  Such a functionality would be desirable under this 
tagging-for-use-not-just-development scenario.


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