[sldev] Source release: beta

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Tue Feb 27 23:55:38 PST 2007

Hi everyone,

New source code is available for the beta client that was released
Monday is available:

Most of the release notes are here:

To be very clear: the viewer will only work correctly with the
aditi grid.  You really shouldn't try to use it with the main grid
(agni); it won't fail right away, but many features won't work (e.g.
crossing region boundaries), and it'll be generally unpredictable as it
wasn't designed to interoperate with the current production grid.

The first big batch of patches from the development community was
accepted into this source code.  One thing that I only thought to check
as I composed this mail was to make sure that the contributions.txt file
was added.  Turns out it wasn't (doh!).  So, I've included it below, and
promise it'll be in the next beta source release (I just checked in the
change that will hopefully ensure it happens).  Please let me know if
there are any omissions or corrections to make.  Note, we've
incorporated more patches than this in the as yet unreleased code
(landing release TBD), but hopefully, this is an accurate picture of
what has been released so far.

Linden Lab would like to acknowledge source code contributions from the
following residents.   The Second Life resident name is given below,
along with the issue identifier corresponding to the patches we've
received from them.  To see more about these contributions, visit
http://jira.secondlife.com/ , and enter the issue identifier.

Alissa Sabre - VWR-81, VWR-83
blino Nakamura - VWR-17
Drewan Keats - VWR-28
Dylan Haskell - VWR-72
Eddy Stryker - VWR-15, VWR-23
Joghert LeSabre - VWR-64
Kage Pixel - VWR-11
Kunnis Basiat - VWR-82
Paul Churchill - VWR-20
Paula Innis - VWR-30
Peekay Semyorka - VWR-7, VWR-19, VWR-49
SpacedOut Frye - VWR-57
Strife Onizuka - VWR-74, VWR-85, SVC-9
Zipherius Turas - VWR-76, VWR-77

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