[sldev] Plugin system - first code drop

Tim Shephard tshephard at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 12:33:23 PST 2007

Thanks Christian.  Hopefully, your comments won't go unanswered.

To add to this, I have heard rumblings that LL doesn't want to merge
in auto loading / automated dynamic updating of Plugins.   This would
sadden me somewhat if it were true, as  auto upgrading is a critical
feature to avoid having to do costly support.  Keeping prices low
means automation everywhere... having 10,000 users surfing around
trying to upgrade and then emailing support when they get confused is
a non starter.

So is this a reasonable statement, or is this just mistaken
speculation?   Would you prefer not merge in that type of code?   We
definitely need direction on these sorts of things.



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