[sldev] beta- Mac build problems

Soft Noel soft at softnoel.org
Wed Feb 28 21:16:21 PST 2007

The current Intel Mac beta source drop doesn't work.

* Packaged without two directories needed by the bundler
Workaround: Modify line 479 of indra/lib/python/indra/ llmanifest.py as
below so the build error lets you know where to make the missing

raise RuntimeError, "Path " + os.getcwd() + "/" + path + " doesn't exist"

* Development configuration depends on Universal libcurl
Workaround: Build AutoUpdater target in Universal build configuration

* LLImageJ2COJ::decodeImpl() stomps memory
Workaround: Work without valid textures by adding an "if (false)" before
line 157

At the point where the viewer would previously crash on an image, we now
see this in the log over and over:
[ERROR] read error
[INFO] tile 1 of 1
[ERROR] tcd_decode: incomplete bistream
[INFO] - tiers-1 took 0.043426 s
[INFO] - dwt took 0.120042 s
[INFO] - tile decoded in 0.225041 s

* The Deployment configuration can't find libares.a
Workaround: Add libares to the AutoUpdater and CrashReporter targets

In the end, it's not a rewarding target, but hopefully this points to
everything needing some love.

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