[sldev] Physical Object Prim Limitation

Thordain Curtis thordain at thordain.com
Fri Aug 1 00:53:03 PDT 2008

This has generated quite a bit more discussion than I had originally
anticipated ;-).  I've taken Soft's advice and created a JIRA issue
describing the possible new feature.  I've included both the
llSetObjectColllisionPrimCount() implementation as well as the "Phantom"

Argent's STATUS_PHYSICAL_SIMPLE solution can be acheived by both of these
implementations without additional changes to the server.

SignpostMarv's sculpty solution is interesting, however the physics engine
currently represents sculpted prims using a 3d ellipsoid and it is my
experience that for complex shapes said ellipsoid is ... very approximated
;-).  If the simulator allowed portrayal of sculpted prims using their
actual mesh in the future, once again, both the llSOCPC and Phantom
implementations would allow for this.

The JIRA issue can be found at: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-2726

Thanks for all the feedback!
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