[sldev] CMake build fails in windows VC2003 llkdu.dll missing

Dazz Anvil dazz_anvil at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 2 15:23:41 PDT 2008

Following the instructions outlined at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Michelle2_Zenovka/cmake the build process with Visual Studio 2003 fails during the following step:
------ Build started: Project: copy_win_libs, Configuration: RelWithDebInfo Win32 ------
Copying llkdu.dll C:/secondlife/release/indra/build-vc71/newview/RelWithDebInfo
Error copying file (if different) from "C:/secondlife/release/indra/../libraries/i686-win32/lib/release/llkdu.dll" to "C:/secondlife/release/indra/build-vc71/newview/RelWithDebInfo/llkdu.dll".
Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Copying llkdu.dll C:/secondlife/release/indra/build-vc71/newview/RelWithDebInfo"
Build log was saved at "file://c:\secondlife\release\indra\build-vc71\newview\copy_win_libs.dir\RelWithDebInfo\BuildLog.htm"�
copy_win_libs - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)�
A search of the directories under "c:\secondlife" reveals that the file llkdu.dll is not present. 
The asset_urls.txt file is asking for: http://secondlife.com/developers/opensource/downloads/2008/07/slviewer-win32-libs-release-r93138.zip. I'm assuming this is the zip file that is supposed to contain the precompiled libraries. There are, however, only a few fonts in that zip file. This particular zip file is only 96KBytes long compared to slviewer-win32-libs-Branch_1-20-Viewer-2-r92456.zip, available from the wiki source download page, which does contain llkdu.dll and is 53MBytes long.
Should I attempt to build with the libraries from the RC viewer, or is there another set of libraries I should be getting from SVN? Any ideas? 
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