[sldev] mystery compiler output (Re: setting up version control)

Ryan Williams (Which) rdw at lindenlab.com
Wed Aug 6 11:44:16 PDT 2008

Dale Mahalko wrote:
> Also the new XML preferences system is not yet well-documented on the wiki.
> I presume that this is the original that can be safely edited:
> - \linden\etc\message.xml
> And this is compiler output which get overwritten with each new
> compile and so should not ever be touched:
> - \linden\indra\newview\app_settings\message.xml
> Likewise for the protocol template, this is the original:
> - \linden\scripts\messages\message_template.msg
> And this is compiler output:
> - \linden\indra\newview\app_settings\message_template.msg
Yes to both of these.


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