[sldev] Landmarks & Navigation Project suggestion: Mozilla Weave

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Sun Aug 10 08:13:27 PDT 2008

Snippets copied from the Mozilla Weave project page:

"Weave <http://labs.mozilla.com/2007/12/introducing-weave/> is a Mozilla 
Labs’ project to develop a coherent framework and platform for deeply 
integrating online services with the browser."

"Support for major browser data types, including bookmarks, browsing 
history, cookies, saved passwords, saved form data, and tabs."

      Overview of the Idea

   1. browser metadata is pushed into the cloud (e.g. bookmarks,
      history, customizations, etc.)
   2. this metadata is transparently reflected everywhere an individual
      gets online
   3. we provide a basic framework for easily sharing and delegating
      access to this metadata to friends, family and third-parties
   4. we build tools and APIs to extend this framework and to provide
      new user experiences

</end snippet>

Not entirely sure where the project is at this point, but I'm suggesting 
Mozilla Weave tech as a possible persistence solution for Landmarks & 
Navigation history.

Given that it's possible to maintain your own Mozilla Weave server, this 
would allow Residents to maintain their data independently of Linden 
Lab, which is an important step given the direction of OGP.

Given that one of the ideas behind Weave is to "push customizations into 
the cloud", this opens up the possibility of persisting your SL 
Preferences, XUI mods (and in the future, viewer plugins ?) away from 
the machine you use mainly (doubly handy in cases of the Viewer 
overwriting these customisations).


~ Marv.

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