[sldev] Repackaging of the rendering engine (shading, blocking light)

Opensource Obscure open at autistici.org
Tue Aug 12 12:42:51 PDT 2008

Hi all, this article needs to be shared :) Maybe some people 
on this mailing list are directly involved in this project 
and they want to add something? I know the AR Second Life
project at Georgia Tech is not really news, but I didn't 
know about the rendering enhancements talked about here.

- Is the software for AR Second Life available to the 
public to download and try out?

- Right now, we haven't even got it integrated into the 
latest source build. We will have a student working on 
it starting in the fall semester. So, hopefully September, 
October, we'll start making it available.
  There's some components of it that I want to contribute 
immediately back. For example, we repackaged the rendering 
engine such that we can do a bunch of effects like shading
and blocking light. That would be really useful for 
anybody who wants to do machinima.

from 'When Worlds Collide' - http://bit.ly/1gonVj 

Opensource Obscure

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