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Buckaroo Mu sldev at bitparts.org
Tue Aug 12 16:01:05 PDT 2008

It's an interesting concept, if true/feasible, it would seem to be what 
Phillip intended SL to be from the beginning - more of a streaming 
/view/ of a world, rather than streaming updates of what your PC has to 
render. Broadband these days can send video fairly well - the trouble 
would be rendering this kind of realism not just for one person, but for 
20, 60, 100 thousand at a time - on /top/ of the existing computations 
regarding physics, scripting, etc. Their cloud.. better be bigger than 
any existing cloud. I doubt any of the distributed computing "clouds" 
could even handle more than a couple of avatars at a time, and those 
don't guarantee CPU time to any given process.

Lawson English wrote:
> Ann Otoole wrote:
>> Wonder what they smoked to make "The Cloud"?
>> lol
>> These guys better have something to real time demo soon or they won't 
>> be able to show face within 5 miles of a VC firm.
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>> Hi there,
>> and check out this:
>> http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/08/11/liveplace-to-launch-photo-realistic-virtual-world-rendered-in-the-cloud/ 
>> pooweeeee,
>> evo
> Apparently, that was meant as an "artist's conception" of the video, 
> not the real video. Or, at least I HOPE they meant it that way.
> Lawson
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