[sldev] GPL issues....

Gareth Nelson gareth at litesim.com
Fri Aug 15 05:38:19 PDT 2008

It appears that Henri Beauchamp believes the viewer is not licensed
under the GPL. I have had a lot of corrospondence with him over his
distribution of binaries without matching source code (he only
provides patches and a link to the upstream source, the job of merging
the patches to get the same binary build is left up to the end user).

As far as i'm aware, Nicholaz Beresford also uses this method of
distribution, but is nowhere near as arrogant about it. However, i'm
rather concerned by the attitude that it's fine to simply not comply
with the license if you're otherwise nice to the community. Nicholaz
seems to be quite an honest individual, while Henri alternates between
bizarre misunderstandings of the nature of the GPL and the viewer's
licensing under it and excuses. His latest is that he won't release
the code because he doesn't have the quota with his ISP, and that
people may want to recombine his patches in different ways.

The SL viewer is currently in quite a weird situation - it's GPLed,
but deriviative works casually make it very difficult in some cases to
modify them via this form of noncompliance and neither LL or any
contributor seems to act to enforce it. At the same time, the
trademark issues, artwork and proprietary dependencies (such as vivox
etc) make it rather less than open.

What's the word on this? Will we see active GPL enforcement from LL?
Does a contributor want to help out with this? If anyone with a patch
in the source wants to help out enforcing this please contact

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