[sldev] realXtend Global inventory tests successful

Nik Radford nik at terminaldischarge.net
Fri Aug 22 08:04:20 PDT 2008

I didn't see that it said they had moved an object from SL to RealExtend,
just that it moved an object from one site to another.

> These people have no license to take content licensed for use in
> Secondlife as per the Secondlife TOS.
> Not even a plywood cube is authorized for taking from SL.
> Linden lab needs to deal with this one way or another even if it means
> immediate deletion of all accounts that engage in this behavior until such
> time as a proper content licensing scheme is in place.
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> We took another step towards the 3D Internet today, as we managed to
> transport objects from one site to another. These were just initial
> tests and only prims were tested, but it's sort of a historical
> moment.
> You've all probably already read the story on the realXtend blog, but
> here's the link: http://realxtend.blogspot.com/
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