[sldev] realXtend Global inventory tests successful

Domino Marama mark at identityserver.net
Fri Aug 22 14:18:20 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 08:26 -0700, Ann Otoole wrote:

> c/m/t does not cut it.

My thought is that it's just missing a group of permissions for the
"owner after next" that's only settable by the creator. Just having that
would sort out a lot of issues, at least for new content. It'd also be
pretty easy to retro fit as Owner After = Next Owner is in effect the
current behaviour. Each avatar could even have a default "Owner After"
setting added, so their existing content could be protected..

if prim.hasOwnerAfterFlags:
	use them
else if creator.hasOwnerAfterFlags:
	use them
	use next owner flags

Next Owner = CMT and Owner After = CMT could equal export rights to a
offline editor or to another grid as it's basically do what you want
with it.

The creator could either use more restrictive settings on Owner After if
they are providing bits for builders, or less restrictive ones to make
sure the freedoms granted are passed along.

I'd much prefer to see a reworking of the permissions to allow the
spirit of various licenses rather than adding support for the licenses

Can you imagine if every vendor asked you to accept the licenses before
it would sell you something? Maybe that's why LSL is gaining the get
avatars language thing, so licenses can be presented in the right
language ;)

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