[sldev] Request for help with modifying client camera behavior

Tammy Nowotny TammyNowotny at mac.com
Tue Aug 26 23:18:25 PDT 2008

Kent Quirk (Q Linden) wrote:
> Hi, Victor.
> Although I work at Linden Lab, I'm not able to give you much help on 
> the details of the code you'll have to write, as I haven't looked at 
> our camera code at all, nor am I an expert in LSL.
> But what I can do is give you some benefit from having done some work 
> on camera cinematics in a game I worked on. We had the need for an 
> intelligent camera that could track between waypoints, and we also 
> needed a repeatable camera that we could fine-tune the motion track for.
> I (and others) spent a fair amount of time playing around with the 
> system until we got the sorts of results we wanted. What I can 
> remember (it's been 8 years now) were:

Q for Q: do you have any thoughts on the problems with the erratic 
camera movements in 1.20 ?  (It sounds like the frame was much 
predictable in that game you worked on 8 years ago.)

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