[sldev] A rather perculiar idea (hear me out)

Gareth Nelson gareth at litesim.com
Fri Aug 29 11:31:08 PDT 2008

Anyone on this list a fan of survival horror games? I know it sounds a
totally irrelevant question, but here's what i'm thinking:

For those who don't know, survival horror games include things like
the resident evil series, dino crisis, silent hill etc
They normally involve a sole character exploring a ruined city or some
other such "scary" location and trying to escape from some kind of
threat - zombies, dinosaurs, demons, whatever. The game mechanics
often consist in part of an inventory which the character uses to
store supplies, weapons, and the key part........

the puzzle items

Puzzles are all through these kinds of games and often can only be
solved via clues found in documents which the player picks up all over
the place. These are known simply as notes and are bits of paper and
documents picked up from various locations. They tend to be simple
text with a static background illustrating what the document looks
like in the background. Those who have played these games will know
what i'm talking about, and will also know how they maintain the
atmosphere to an extent while going fullscreen.

Now, in SL we don't have the aims of maintaining atmosphere as such
(except in certain roleplay or gaming regions) but we do for the most
part want immersion. So, what about copying this idea with notecards?
Take a notecard fullscreen and allow it to render as pure HTML. This
could probably be done with pure clientside mods - just replace the
notecard dialog with a web browser control and take it full screen.

Thoughts anyone?

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