[sldev] Request for help with modifying client camera behavior

Dale Mahalko dmahalko at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 04:44:02 PDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 7:18 AM, SignpostMarv Martin
<me at signpostmarv.name> wrote:
> If you remove each *object* obscuring the view, the entire build could
> disappear.

Additional supporting commentary:

Since LL limits the number of prims available, it is common to do
weird things with very large prims such as making 4 walls of a
building from one huge hollow megaprim so as to save prims. So if you
were to hide one wall that is "in the way", they all disappear
including the ones you wanted to see. With many high efficiency
low-prim builds this prim hiding would screw everything up, and the
only real fix is to greatly increase prim limits so that prim building
efficiency isn't so much an issue.

If you could do "per prim face" hiding then this idea might work,
though now you run into problems with scuplties, where technically the
entire exterior may be considered one "face" of a sphere, and on a
severely deformed sculpted sphere, hiding that face makes the sculpt
disappear completely.

The deepest and most arcane level is per-triangle/normal hiding on the
surfaces of prims, but the triangles that collectively form the faces
of a prim are not addressable or selectable by the
client/editor/scripts, so new functionality would be needed to deal
with them.

Also, any semitransparent or alpha surfaces could either be "in the
way" of the camera or could be the subject of the camera. The camera
cannot make an intelligent guess as to what you are trying to view.

- Scalar Tardis / Dale Mahalko

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