[sldev] my first impressions of OpenSim and RealXtend

Bristle bristle2005 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 10:26:28 PDT 2008

First, i got hooked in 1990 after i visited a MUD and since then i have been on many MUDs and then later 3D games like Everquest and the rest.  For several years i ran the maddog.com with vrml, 3D worlds, MUDs, and related things. 
Today, a want to bring personal 3D worlds and the softbots. And in the process i look at every possible way to make this happened. Last fall i went on SL and concluded that SL or SL-like would be the way to go. And that lead to libsecondlife, OpenSim, and now RealXtend.
I used OpenSim a few times now and its fairly decent.  The client is standard SL so that the client stuff is easy do to although from reading of this mail list and few things still need to be done. The OpenSim has a lot of things where is seemed like SL and for the most part, it seemed to work. i had a few problems with regions, but this was in feb or so. overall, i like OpenSim.
Now the RealXtend frustrated me.  i had written a post to rex forum but no answer so last night i keep trying to figure it out.  anyway,  from log its looked that it was trying to do rex thing twice so i decide to remove that server and redo it. and after awhile (it take a long time for the db to load up) i went through and this time it was good. the first time through i had last but a minute before a got boot and the second time it couldnt move at all.  so i was ready to kicked the RealXtend and watch for another release.  but i instead (i was really determine) restart every thing and with fine. I beat the the server remove/add has nothing to do with it, but i will pretend that it does.
Now OpenSim uses the SL client but RealXtend does not; it use OGRE -- a nice piece of 3D graphic engine.  So it was nice to see how it was.  Ok, there was problems but was little ways that i am sure will be clean up. Right now i am looking to mean-time-to-failure and the bigger stuff.
The server using OpenSim with same rex stuff that right now i dont understand.  but i was really interesting 3D objects themselves.   Unfortunately, i will have to wait for that. 
Right now i am on standalone mode for both OpenSim and RealXtend.  I am too chicken for more right now.  I was able to get a different look (some time ago) on my main avatar with OpenSim.  But i would like to know where i can get the skin and hair at least. i believe RealXtend may have a modeler for that.
I would like to see a more CORE/server/server adds because i believe that the CORE could do with a little less SL-like that may appeal for some people but but others  may not want that. Or at least hide them.  Look at Everquest & the GUI makers for example. 
so it looks like i will add them in my page (not maddog.com!) and along the libsecondlife -- which they seems to want a name change.  
aka maddog/bristle

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