[sldev] Improvements for the zugaina secondlife gentoo ebuild.

Khyota dnbyena at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 21:11:21 PST 2008

Some more things for the secondlife gentoo ebuild.

I have SL building succesfully againt sys-libs/db-4.5.20_p2-r1 stable so you 
may be able to remove the 4.2 version requriement. dev-libs/dbus-glib is also 
a new dependancy as of 1.22.0.

I found out the res-sdl folder is provided by the SDL package in install.xml. 
you can knock out the need to download the binary!  glh_linear has a more 
recent version too.

You should make -DAPP_BINARY_DIR:STRING=/usr/games/ and put the binary there. 
We can run the binary directly because the wrapper is only useful for 
nonstandalone release tarballs.

Please bring back the llmozlib use flag, it can be controled by -DMOZLIB:BOOL 
currently theres a bug with that but i made a patch here.

Some other packagers are making vivox seperate package, it mite be a good idea 
to do that since it is only x86. Its in install.xml

(CC'ing this to sldev)
Thanks ycarus!

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