[sldev] Improvements for the zugaina secondlife gentoo ebuild.

Khyota dnbyena at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 11:01:39 PST 2008

This is quite debateable, I figured most system administrators would consider 
it one, and would want to restrict permission to only those in a 'game' 
group. But then again a company that uses SL for business would disagree. 

ycarus decided against it and wanted to keep the wrapper too.


He made the other changes i suggested though :D

>On Wednesday 26 November 2008 01:41:22 pm SignpostMarv Martin wrote:
> issue related: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-330
> Alissa Sabre wrote:
> >> You should make -DAPP_BINARY_DIR:STRING=/usr/games/ and put the
> >> binary there.
> >
> > I don't know the gentoo directory layout convention, but I believe
> > most of the ordinary SL residents are uncomfortable to call it a
> > game.  It's better to install SL viewer in a same location as web
> > browsers or email programs as a default.

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