[sldev] How to solve this bug?

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Tue Aug 4 06:33:27 PDT 2009

There may be two issues to consider before revising the implementation for

Firstly, stopping sound sources might have an undesirable side effect when
moving your camera. In the worst case, moving your camera in and out might
make the scene sound like rap music, constantly stopping and restarting the
sound. Playing the sound with a gain of zero ensures that sounds continue to
play while the camera is out of range. 

Secondly, the llPreloadSound scripting function is used to ensure that any
clients within range have performed any necessary setup and initialization
that allows the sound to be triggered later without delay. This operation
might rely on playing the sound with zero gain. 

Do these issues constitute two requirements that any revised implementation
should satisfy?
1. Sounds that fall out of range should continue playing (i.e., not restart
when they fall back into range).
2. Sounds sent to the viewer by llPreloadSound should be triggered without

Sheet Spotter

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Aleric Inglewood wrote:
> I'd be happy, now that I know that mixing channels with a gain
> of 0 cost much more cpu, to fix and close this bug by stopping sound
> sources instead of setting their gain to 0.

That definitely seems like the right direction - thanks!

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