[sldev] Emerging top crashers in Snowglobe 1.1

Robert Martin robertltux at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 11:36:50 PDT 2009

Sideways issue to this is
How is the profile data folder controlled??

Some of the issue may be from folks running multiple clients with a
single profile folder
(on my own system i have SL 1.23 , SnowGlobe 1.1.2?? and Emerald all
pointed at the main secondlife profile data folder (oh and until
vwr-6199 is updated to SG/1.23 i also have 1.20.6 in the mix)

some of the crashes may be from a tiny bit of skew in the cache
handling so if we could have the profile redirected to say
%apdata%/SnowGlobe that may be useful for bug chasing.
Robert L Martin
Please tell me there is some XML file that can be edited and its not
baked in the bin

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