[sldev] How to solve this bug?

Frans mrfrans at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 15:52:55 PDT 2009

> two somewhat goofy ways to fix this
> 1 instead of dropping the gain to full zero drop it down to minimum to
> prevent triggering the Zero Gain Bug (play the sound at like 0.01% or
> whatever the lowest possible gain is)*

Either that or we should find out why the zero gain takes more processing
and try to get that fixed in OpenAL.

> 2 have a timeout so that if you run back into range within say 20
> seconds it will continue to play but if you are out of range at 21
> seconds then the stream is cut

I believe the maximum length of scripted sound is 10 seconds, so it could
basically drop of after that if you are out of range.

Is there some way I can check if I am experiencing this same issue, I have
also have regularly sudden FPS large drops without any obvious reason. Going
from like ~30 to >10 fps. But it always recovers after some time (minutes),
it keeps happen in intervals the entire time.

Jeroen Frans
Virtual World Technology Specialist.
SL: Frans Charming
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