[sldev] Building viewer on MSVC2008 express edition

Mike Monkowski monkowsk at watson.ibm.com
Wed Aug 12 08:22:43 PDT 2009

Dear Linden Lab,

I've seen this question many times, and the answer is usually "Oh, 
that's the boost problem with VS2008.  You have to use a compiler 
version that's no longer available."

Why are we putting so much effort into getting the next incremental 
release of Snowglobe out, and completely ignoring the problem that new 
developers who choose to use MS Windows simply cannot get started?

I'm lucky.  I managed to follow hacks to get VS2005 working when the 
only supported version what the then-no-longer-available VS2003, so now 
that VS2005 is outdated, it works.  This should not be the standard 
operating procedure.

Yes, I know Linden doesn't use VS2008, but if you want to encourage open 
source development, help those who do.  They might even be able to help 
with the next incremental release of Snowglobe then.


Sanket Desai wrote:
> Hello Every one,
>                     I am having errors while building the "ALL_BUILD" in 
> solution explorer of MSVC2008 express edition , i also have updated the 
> libboost library files from vc80 to vc90 as suggested on jodiah jensen's 
> page http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Jodiah_Jensen#HOW_I_COMPILED_SL_SOURCE_w.2F_VC.2B.2B_2008_Express_Edition  . 
> Even after doingthe things instructed ,i am stuck up with these errors, 
> can any one help me with this ..... 

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