[sldev] The challenge; Was: More crash rate statistics

Mike Monkowski monkowsk at watson.ibm.com
Wed Aug 12 08:50:15 PDT 2009

That's easy.  On the public JIRA, compute the ratio of the number of 
comments by Lindens to the number of comments by residents.  As that 
number increases, so will quality, performance, reliability, usability, 
and any other metric that anybody can conceive.

It is disingenuous to ask basically, "How do we figure out what the 
problem is?" when the PJIRA is full of answers.


Alex Dailey (Xan Linden) wrote:
> Here's a challenge to sldev. Viewer performance is complex, dependent on 
> bandwidth, hardware, the content on the region, other avatars, and so 
> on. What do you think a) is the one variable viewer performance should 
> ultimately be measured by and b) what are, say, three predictive 
> variables that influence the dependent variable. E.g. if you think 
> viewer fps is the one variable we should care about, what three factors 
> would you consider most important that influence that value? I realize 
> this is simplistic, but I'm curious to know from your experience, how 
> would you quantify viewer performance.
> -Xan Linden

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