[sldev] More crash rate statistics

Melinda Green melinda at superliminal.com
Thu Aug 13 12:41:57 PDT 2009

Stickman wrote:
>> For example, a user might choose the following simplistic demand:
>> * If the FPS is higher than 20, I don't care about FPS anymore,
>>  I just want the highest possible quality.
>> * If the FPS drops below 5, I don't care about the quality anymore,
>>  do whatever is needed to give me at LEAST a FPS of 5.
> ...] One Linden or another mention how it would be possible
> to get in a rendering system to give priority detail to things closer
> to the center of the camera, based on distance, movement speed, etc.
> And how it actually wouldn't be that hard to put in. (Q? Qarl? Nyx? I
> totally can't remember. Maybe it was Melinda?) Thus, they would get
> their goal of a better, safer render, without breaking such "high end"
> content as said necklace.

Yes, that was me. I couldn't find the original paper at that time but I 
tried a second search just now and this time I found it. It was 
presented at SIGGRAPH '93 titled "Adaptive Display Algorithm for 
Interactive Frame Rates During Visualization of Complex Virtual 
Environments" by Thomas Funkhouser and Carlo Séquin (two of my favorite 
researchers, BTW). The algorithm is extremely elegant if a little tricky 
to code but it works quite well. Here is their paper: 


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