[sldev] Tip of the iceberg...

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Mon Aug 31 06:53:34 PDT 2009

Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> I've been speculating about this for years, though not using the  
> parcel media, or the overhead of VNC. It should be possible to make SL  
> act as a window manager, and have local media textures (only visible  
> to and set within the viewer) render locally executing programs  
> without this kind of rigamarole.
> _______________________________________________

Certainly possible with Squeak smalltalk since you can direct the 
rendering to an offscreen buffer if you want. Unfortunately, I'm not so 
hep on how to take the shared buffer created by the SL plugin  and pass 
it on to the squeak-side plugin. I guess just pass the address in with a 
POST to the localhost URL

A more interesting situation will result when you start to manipulate 
packets via a gridproxy (or preferably an external event handler plugin 
so you can have more fine-grained control) and use a webpage or in-world 
GUI for the programming interface to an IDE.

You can also use the same principle to feed a view-only stream to a 
regular media stream so that others can watch as you program (or combine 
things as Aimee suggests with a remote VNC server).

For me, the ultimate prototyping/hacking SL plugin will be the combo I'm 
trying to work on: a seaside localhost webserver that can manipulate 
packets via gridproxy, and provide control surfaces for packet 
interfaces via localhost webpages and/or interactive Squeak windowing 
done through the media pliugin.


seaside is a smalltalk-based webserver that maintains server-side state 
for each webpage in a session, and comes bundled with all manner of 
goodies like blogs/wikis and of course squeak itself. Perfect for 
private database/blogging/diary/programming/asset managing/content 
creation/etc/etc stuff.

And if you have a need to share your work with others, you can use 
smalltalk to provide P2P communications with other clients, or send 
whatever you want to share to an external media server for normal 
viewing via SL media URLs.

Of course, other programming languages and IDEs could be used instead of 
squeak, but there's just this thing about "Croquet on a Prim" as a 
multi-media P2P IM system that appeals to me (not to mention that 
smalltalk is about the ultimate prototyping language if you don't need 
maximum speed since you can modify the entire system on the fly).


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