[opensource-dev] TPV - Nope

Jonathan Irvin djfoxyslpr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 11:18:55 PDT 2010

I'd just like to point out to *everyone* that I truly admire the spirit you
all have towards this project and SL in general.  Personally, I've stuck
with SL this long just because I've always found it as a medium of
experimentation and exploration of different programming ideals and
methods.  I can truly say I learned a lot of my programming from my
experiments in SL.  Still to this day I learn new things and experiment with
different techniques.

Many things I do in SL are "hrm that would be cool" or "I wonder if people
could use this if I made it".  So, in large part, SL is a hobby for me.
Then again, there is a business aspect to what I do, but mainly the business
aspect is to offset the Lindens my wife buys from USD and burns up on
shopping in SL lol.

Jonathan Irvin
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