[opensource-dev] Another crazy idea... what list for this one?

Glen Canaday gcanaday at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 22:08:32 PDT 2010

What would the appropriate list for this be? I'm pretty sure it's not 
this one,

Anyone know of a flash desktop exporter? For two-way web interaction 
with your own desktop? Killer app for shared media... using your own 
computer! ;)

I've thought of perhaps a web-based desktop environment to render / 
export my X display to my web server with which I can then interact and 
work while logged into SL. Perhaps a buffer program that captures the X 
drawables and hands them to a flash app for web-based display. Imagine 
remote server admin possibilities, etc... not having to minimize SL to 
check job progress; share the desktop as if you were in the same room. 
Devs could literally be looking at a desktop thousands of miles away 
like gotomeeting, watching the same compile messages fly by, using the 
same primary display from inworld without the hassle of the software 
incompatibilities that gotomeeting and ultravnc have beyond running the 
exporter itself. Export a second desktop or stretch it across two 
shared-media prims like dual monitor setups in RL. The virtual workplace 
redefined. Office in your underwear, 'cept your av is wearing the ugly, 
ill-fitting business suit your boss likes.


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