[opensource-dev] Another crazy idea... what list for this one?

Tateru Nino tateru.nino at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 22:39:27 PDT 2010

Something like FlashVNC?

On 8/04/2010 3:08 PM, Glen Canaday wrote:
> What would the appropriate list for this be? I'm pretty sure it's not 
> this one,
> Anyone know of a flash desktop exporter? For two-way web interaction 
> with your own desktop? Killer app for shared media... using your own 
> computer! ;)
> I've thought of perhaps a web-based desktop environment to render / 
> export my X display to my web server with which I can then interact and 
> work while logged into SL. Perhaps a buffer program that captures the X 
> drawables and hands them to a flash app for web-based display. Imagine 
> remote server admin possibilities, etc... not having to minimize SL to 
> check job progress; share the desktop as if you were in the same room. 
> Devs could literally be looking at a desktop thousands of miles away 
> like gotomeeting, watching the same compile messages fly by, using the 
> same primary display from inworld without the hassle of the software 
> incompatibilities that gotomeeting and ultravnc have beyond running the 
> exporter itself. Export a second desktop or stretch it across two 
> shared-media prims like dual monitor setups in RL. The virtual workplace 
> redefined. Office in your underwear, 'cept your av is wearing the ugly, 
> ill-fitting business suit your boss likes.
> --GC
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