[opensource-dev] opensource-dev Digest, Vol 3, Issue 32

Phox phox at modularsystems.sl
Thu Apr 8 23:35:48 PDT 2010

I skipped over many of the posts recently because I'm very busy but I 
just wanted to say as far as Emerald goes:

We are continuing development and support for Second Life, clarification 
and details will come as we iron out the details.

We are however set and have already made the necessary changes to our 
export code to comply fully with the TPVP, a release should be out 
within the next few weeks (definitely before the deadline of April 30th) 
with that change. Discussion about the registry is currently ongoing, I 
expect that we'll have this resolved by the time we release our next 

Side note, we have a new public repository mirror, updated daily from 
our main branch. Feature development is centered in other branches 
because we don't want people releasing our code before we do again, but 
as far as general dev, it's all on hg.modularsystems.sl, it's a 
mercurial repository. The plan is to make this officially public after 
our next build is published and we start work on a 2.x based client, but 
I figured I'd post about it here before so that you guys can have a look 
at it. Expect it to be down occasionally, I'm still making changes. 
Please report any bugs or problems with it to phox at modularsystems.sl or 
root at modularsystems.sl.


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