[opensource-dev] Brown-bag meeting to continue dialog on TVPV

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You probably did not read the terms I have to agree upon login yourself. Otherwise you'd have found a better answer to the concern raised.

It is not about time or any dates of policies to become effective. It is about acceptance of unacceptable terms.

I can not accept the new ToS without accepting TPV, and the latter was the one you said you would like to discuss? You don't create facts in the first place to eventually negotiate them later. TPV is unacceptaple and if you are really interested in an open and unhindered discussion you should find a discussion medium that allows for this. The beta grid would be such an option.

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  Of course you can.  The ToS presented at login clearly states it becomes effective on 4/30.  In the meantime, you continue to use the service under the terms of the prior ToS which doesn't contain the TPV provisions.  If one has issues with the prior ToS agreement, and hasn't previously accepted those terms, then I agree, this meeting isn't for you.

  -- joe

  On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 7:32 PM, Boy Lane <boy.lane at yahoo.com> wrote:

    Thanks Joe.

    Unfortunately one can not attend without going inworld and accepting
    ToS/TPV in the first place.

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      Hello, all.  I've been reading the ongoing commentary here, on various
      blogs, irc, and in-world groups about the recently introduced Third Party
      Viewer Policy and Directory and I'd like to host an "office hour" or
      informal brown bag to make the conversation a little more synchronous for
      those who are interested.  I plan to hold three of these over the next
      couple of weeks, at times that might be friendlier for some than others, but
      the first one will happen next Tuesday, 4/13 at noon PDT.  I'd like to
      address questions about the intent of the policy, how we will be using the
      Directory going forward, and see if I can gather the specific concerns that
      have been raised by the community over the past several weeks.  It'll be an
      informal Q&A session, held in voice, at this location:


      No RSVP needed, and feel free to rebroadcast the invite to others you think
      would benefit from open dialog around the subject.

      I hope to see many of you there next week.

      -- Joe

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