[opensource-dev] Brown-bag meeting to continue dialog on TVPV next Tuesday (4/13)

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 10:14:18 PDT 2010

Hi Joe,

In case I don't make the Brown Bag, I just wanted to point out the fact 
that simply developers, which includes how Linden Lab has invested 
resources to sustain such world, don't share a view with users that 
Virtual Reality that Virtual Reality is not just a game. This 
realization is actually desired despite the politics of how we all move 
from what has been said virtual is not really virtual. I won't digress 
here about the subject, yet the monitor in front of us we can't touch 
and see and that is not 'fake' as some people treat virtual to only 
mean. I even imagine a house size 'monitor' where every wall can act as 
an interactive colorful display that consists of many organized liquid 
crystal units spread on like paint. That's the future... for now we have 
e-paper. It's something we can't really just say is not possible 
anymore, and it is something that may affect how we see content (or 
broken content) in relation to policies like the TPV.

I gather from the TPV that is it intended to help prevent broken 
content, yet it has been easily attacked. I think the notion of how to 
deal with broken content gets lost when developers worry more about how 
to protect their liabilities. Developers simply want to say 'use at your 
own risk' from a software development standpoint, yet that doesn't give 
anything to help ensure content doesn't break.

With that in mind, any word that implies 'responsibility' somehow hasn't 
carried the concern about how to prevent content breakage when anybody 
connects to SL Grid.I'm sure we don't want to paint our houses with a 
'use at your own risk' and expect to say it is baby-safe. What would a 
baby see if an accidental bump in the wall activated something that 
parents would consider an undesirable experience for baby or child. I 
can only imagine the horror if the scene of the wall suddenly changed to 
spook the baby as if monsters came out of the wall. Maybe this isn't 
quite broken content, yet it is still an ideal situation to mention to 
level where 'responsibility' is distinct from 'liabilities'.

Just something to think about....

Joe Miller wrote:
> Morgaine,
> Thanks for asking.  My interest is to listen to specific concerns 
> voiced by the majority of the community *and* (more importantly) take 
> */proposed solutions/* to those concerns under advisement before the 
> policy becomes effective on April 30.  It won't be very productive for 
> anyone if it's just a grousing session about legal theory or 
> hypothetical situations that may or may not occur in the future.  Yes, 
> I will take all serious proposals back into the company for serious 
> consideration.  But, make no mistake, I'm not asking for a change set 
> that makes one person happier at a time.  I'm looking for the minimum 
> change set that represents the broadest possible consensus among the 
> community of TPV authors.
> So, yours are good questions, and I do intend to champion the TPV 
> community's collective voice in this process.  I hope we emerge with 
> something actionable out of these meetings.
> -- Joe

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