[opensource-dev] Two Worlds

aklo at skyhighway.com aklo at skyhighway.com
Sun Apr 11 12:00:01 PDT 2010

Hey Y'all, maybe i had an idea...

There's been a lotta "comment" on the new viewer 2.0 look 'n feel stuff. 
Some ppl love it! Others hate it!  Whatever it is, i think it's been a
sorta polarizing issue, huh?

One thing, the official claim is that it tests well with noobs.  Some say
that's 'cause they don't know any better or that it's more like what
they're used to with whatever else they do on the Internet or just plain
whatever.  Maybe it's just that yet another aspect of VW technology has
been revealed that hadn't been noticed or anticipated so much before?

What if there were two modes to the viewer?  That's been suggested
already, i know.  What i don't think has been suggested is putting it in
the context of two (maybe more) different kinds of users, and i don't mean
something dumb like noobs and oldbies!

i think maybe it's the diff between ppl who are more rp focused and ppl
who are more business or professional focused?  Y'know, some ppl don't
want a whole virtual world so much as a tool to get some project done, or
for some special purpose where a whole VW is a distraction but the
background & context the capability provides is still important?

Like, i'll be straight up and say that for me, i like a lot about viewer
2.0!  But, i so totally *hate* that sidebar bashing into me like someone
with a sharp elbow on the bus, or the disappeared floaters and windows i
can't see through anymore!  The annoying things make it hard to focus on
the things i like lots of times.

For me, it would be super cool if the viewer had a "mode switch"!  A
selection i could make to go back and forth from "RP Mode" or "VW Mode"
with immersion optimised to  "Professional Mode" or "Utility Mode" where
the VW was more like just another screen or window that had something
interesting going on in it?  A third mode might even be something sorta
halfway in between & made really simple with lots of help for noobs so the
learning curve wasn't so steep, perilous, or confusing.  :-P

For the Big Picture SL presentation i can see something like all the SL
windows, including all the chat, inventory, group, etc - everything (even
HUDs?), being just windows for the OS with the VW its own window that
maybe is maximized and maybe isn't.  In maximized mode the VW window could
have the ability to "draw in" or spawn inside without "leaving" the VW any
or all of the windows for chat, inventory, etc in their floaty, sometimes
transparent mode like the Terminator's heads up display that so many like
so well!  Y'know, the best of all worlds?

It's just an idea.  i haven't compiled & mod'ed the viewers yet, so i
don't know how much work it would be to do all that.  Maybe an
unrealistically, impossible too much.  Anyway, have a great day!!

Oh, BTW, if you feel like answering this msg or making a comment or
whatever, pls, pretty pls don't drag the TPVP argument into it?  'K?  i
mean, yeah, it's important and all, but this isn't that conversation?

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